Korowa Anglican Girls' School

Korowa Anglican Girls School is a leader in girls’ education since 1890, Korowa is renowned for its academic excellence. Our Early Learning Centre welcomes 3 & 4 year old girls and boys, then from Prep - Year 12 we offer a specialised all-girls' environment.

Korowa Anglican Girls' School

Brand Development:

JWB&CO has taken inspiration from the attitude and language from the founding principal, Henrietta Akehurst and her daughter Ethel, pioneers and bold visonaries, and more importantly, Helen the current principal to develop a simple text driven prospectus using bold language which ties into the overarching message of personal best or excellence and lots of white space.


The prospectus moves through student stories of achieving excellence in whichever field it may be. Highlighting individuals in their area of success.


The prospectus is branded with the letter 'K' throughout. This is a signifcant letter when the spelling changed from Corowa to Korowa in 1900. Using the letter K as a distinctive identity device throughout the prospectus gives the publication the balanced messaging with bold graphic.


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