20 plus years experience

I attended the latest Harry Potter movie at the Palace Cinemas in Balwyn at midnight on opening night, along with many others. Siena had an advertisement play before the movie and (obviously there were many Siena students, past & current in attendance) because spontaneous applause broke out! Just thought you should know of the positive impact the school is obviously having on the students (both past & present). Who would have thought that girls in their late teens would positively acknowledge their school in this way!
A comment from a parent in the cinema

20 plus years experience


Our job is to serve you. To take the time to understand your needs and problems then to actively set out with the right intelligence to build awarness and change perceptions. This leads to increased potential for your audience and customers to notice and purchase what you have to offer. The key is listening, then creating an authentic and compelling message, which your audience values that will cut through the noise and clutter. This is what will set you apart from the rest. The visual presentaion of your message is always stunning, moving and memorable.


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We have been fortunate enough to work for many leading companies and educational institutions over the years including:

IOOF Bridges Financial Services, Notre Dame of Maryland, RMIT, Melbourne Girls Grammar, St Catherines, Brighton Grammar School - “we teach boys” prospectus and rebrand campaign, Loreto Mandeville Hall - “Madeline” illustrative approach, prospectus and rebrand campaign, Norhcote High School - website and rebrand, Melbourne High - prospectus and rebrand campaign, Gleneagles College - prospectus and rebrand campaign, MLC Sydney - “why zig when you can zag”, prospectus and rebrand campaign, PLC Sydney - prospectus and rebrand campaign, Kincoppal Rose Bay - prospectus and rebrand campaign, CLC Eltham - “girls flourish here” prospectus and rebrand campaign, Fintona Girls School - “great things come in a small package” prospectus and rebrand campaign, CBC St Kilda - “cultivating boys character” prospectus and rebrand campaign, St Columba’s - prospectus and rebrand campaign and Ocean Forest Lutheran College, Bunbury WA - prospectus and rebrand campaign, Sacred Heart College Geelong -  building appeal book to name a few.